So, You “Just Fell Into Recruitment”, Did You?

Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2022 by Alison Humphreys - Award winning NED and strategic advisor

Talk to people round the industry and I guarantee that about half of them will use this phrase. Some even without thinking.

When you consider what a recruiter’s job is about, there’s really no excuse.

Every time a potential recruiter hears this, it highlights the idea that recruitment is not a career of choice. Worse, it makes you sound like a hapless drifter on the jobs market, with no clear objectives. Would you want to deal with an industry full of people like that?

Is that the message we want to give to potential recruiters? Or candidates?

Every day, great recruiters present opportunities to work-seekers with a rationale; what the prospects are, how the role will improve their work-life balance, and so on.

What would you think about a candidate at interview who explained they had no goals, direction or drive?

I joined this industry over 30 years ago. I was attracted by:

  • The variety
  • The career and learning opportunities
  • The money
  • The growth of the sector

But I had no idea that this would, by now, be a £31.5 billion industry in the UK. And the industry has been good to me.

You know what else? Our work can change lives. And I’ve experienced that – as a recruiter and a business leader – countless times.

So let’s stop talking ourselves down and start talking the sector up – today.


Alison Humphries is a highly experienced MD and NED, with 35 years at the top of the recruitment sector.

She advises directors and owners of recruitment businesses on strategy, finance, sales and management to maximise performance, enter new markets, prepare for sale and work more efficiently. 

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