Over Half of Brits Left Hanging as Job Ghosting Phenomenon Leaves 55% Without Response

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

In the competitive realm of job hunting, the agony of anticipation has reached an all-time high for British applicants. A staggering 55% find themselves lost in the abyss of silence, never hearing back from the positions they eagerly apply for, a new study by global matching and hiring platform Indeed reveals.

The ramifications of this ghosting epidemic extend far beyond mere frustration, plunging both job seekers and businesses into a quagmire of inefficiency. Despite a staggering 916,000 vacancies across the UK, the hiring process remains a labyrinth, thwarting the swift and effective matching of talent to opportunity.

For job seekers, the silence of non-response inflicts a heavier blow to confidence than outright rejection. A resounding 86% express a preference for closure, even if it comes in the form of a polite "no." The absence of feedback breeds doubt and disheartenment, with 41% admitting it significantly chips away at their job-seeking morale. The mental toll is palpable, as three-quarters of workers yearn for closure to alleviate the weight of uncertainty and stress.

Yet, the ordeal doesn't end there. Navigating the maze of job listings proves to be a job in itself, with 79% bemoaning the arduous task of finding suitable roles. The process is likened to a slow-motion marathon, with 63% decrying its inefficiency and lethargy. Consequently, over half (51%) throw in the towel, discouraged by the daunting prospect of an endless search.

The toll on mental health is evident, with emotions ranging from frustration to burnout dominating the job seeker landscape. A staggering 63% find themselves applying for multiple positions out of sheer resignation, a testament to the prevailing belief that silence speaks louder than words.

However, the repercussions are not one-sided. Businesses too find themselves ensnared in the quagmire of an inefficient hiring process. A staggering 61% of hiring professionals lament the squandered time and resources, shackled by convoluted procedures and ill-fitting candidates.

The root of the issue lies not just in the silence but in the avoidable misalignments that plague the hiring landscape. Nearly a third of candidates falter due to preventable factors such as location or qualifications, leaving businesses grappling with a pool of ill-suited applicants.

In a landscape fraught with uncertainty, the need for transparency and efficiency has never been more pressing. The era of job ghosting must come to an end, replaced by a culture of communication and clarity that serves both job seekers and businesses alike.


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