86% of jobseekers admit not showing up to interviews

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Recent research conducted by the global recruitment platform Indeed, sheds light on a concerning trend permeating the UK job market: ghosting. With a staggering 86% of UK jobseekers unexpectedly failing to attend job interviews, and 75% of employees admitting to ghosting over the past year, the ramifications of this phenomenon are profound.

Generational Divide:

The study, surveying 1,500 businesses and 1,500 workers, underscores a clear generational disparity in ghosting behaviours. Gen Z and Millennials are at the forefront, with over three-quarters of both demographics engaging in ghosting practices. Gen Z exhibits a bold stance, with a whopping 93% skipping interviews and 87% absent on their first workday, showcasing the highest figures among all age groups.

Motivations and Justifications:

Motivations for ghosting vary across generations. While Gen Z cites negative company reviews and a desire for career autonomy, Millennials express regret and anxiety over the impact on future opportunities. Both groups justify their actions by pointing to reciprocal behaviour from businesses, with unattended phone interviews and unfulfilled verbal offers cited as common grievances.

Business Impact:

The prevalence of ghosting poses significant challenges for businesses, with 89% acknowledging its adverse effects and 55% stating it complicates the hiring process. With nearly a million job vacancies in the UK, ghosting exacerbates stress and burnout among hiring teams, highlighting the urgent need for preventive measures.

Financial Influence:

Salary emerges as a crucial factor influencing ghosting decisions, amidst the backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis. Jobseekers are more inclined to ghost for better financial opportunities, while advocating for higher pay, improved benefits, and greater pay transparency as preventive measures.

Expert Insights:

Danny Stacy, UK Head of Talent Intelligence at Indeed, emphasizes the need for businesses to address ghosting proactively. Stacy highlights the importance of communication and transparency in mitigating ghosting, while recognizing the pivotal role of financial incentives in retaining talent.

 Ghosting plagues the UK job market:

As ghosting continues to plague the UK job market, employers face the imperative to adapt strategies to retain and attract talent effectively. The insights gleaned from Indeed's research underscore the urgency of addressing this phenomenon, emphasizing the need for open communication, transparent practices, and competitive compensation packages to combat the ghosting epidemic.