Burned Out Britain: 70% of UK Workers Set to Jump Ship in 2024, Reveals HiBob Research

Monday, January 22, 2024

In a startling revelation, HiBob, the innovator behind the transformative HR platform Bob, unveils a grim snapshot of the mental state of the UK workforce in 2024. A staggering one fifth (20%) of British workers are feeling the burnout blues, propelling an alarming 70% to actively seek new job opportunities this year.

State of employee mental wellness

The groundbreaking research from HiBob exposes the disheartening state of employee mental wellness, with over a quarter (29%) admitting to being stressed. Shockingly, only a paltry 16% describe their mental state at work as supported, highlighting a significant gap in workplace well-being.

As the spectre of resignations looms large, the motivation behind this mass exodus is clear – a desperate desire to restore work-life balance. A resounding 17% of employees cite this as their primary reason for planning a career change in 2024.

In a bid to reclaim control over their professional lives, a resolute fifth (22%) of British workers are gearing up to set boundaries at work, saying 'no' more often to late-night requests and increased workloads. This 'work to rule' approach underscores the seismic shift in employee priorities this year.

Remote work versus in-office commitments

The study also sheds light on the evolving dynamics of remote work versus in-office commitments. Despite the prevailing sentiment favouring a better work-life balance, a mere 11% plan to work from home more frequently, with a whopping 88% opting for an office-based or hybrid working pattern.

Motivation at work takes centre stage, with 30% of employees citing proper support for a work-life balance as their primary driving force. Salary increases and promotions closely follow at 29%, underlining the importance of financial incentives in retaining top talent.

Post-pandemic work landscape

Delving into the post-pandemic work landscape, the data showcases the enduring importance of the physical office. Separation of work and home life (20%), collaboration and teamwork (19%), access to resources (14%), and the unexpected perk of free heating in winter (13%) emerge as key factors luring employees back to the office.

However, the return to office concerns are not without reservations, as 40% of workers express anxiety about the escalating travel costs associated with a mandated return to the office.

Ronni Zehavi, CEO and Co-Founder of HiBob, warns businesses to take heed of the findings: "Our research shows that employees across the UK are feeling stressed, burned out, which is leading them to reassess what they want from their workplace and employer. Supporting employees' work-life balance will be a key differentiator for businesses in 2024 amid the war for top talent."