"Top Ten Lies People Use to Avoid Job Interviews"

Posted on Friday, September 15, 2023 by My Recruiter Jobs

 The Creative Excuses Job Seekers Employ to Dodge the Dreaded Interview

Job interviews are an essential step in the employment process, allowing employers to assess potential candidates and candidates to showcase their skills. However, not everyone is enthusiastic about facing an interview panel. To avoid this nerve-wracking experience, some job seekers resort to creative storytelling and fibs. Here are the top ten lies people use to skip a job interview:


  1. "Family Emergency": Claiming a sudden family crisis is a go-to excuse for many. Whether it's an imaginary illness or a fictional emergency, it's a classic way to avoid the interview.

  2. "Traffic Jam": Blaming traffic for being late or unable to make it to the interview is a common excuse. However, thanks to GPS and traffic apps, it's easier than ever for employers to verify this one.

  3. "Sickness": Feigning illness on the day of the interview is another classic tactic. Be it a phantom fever or a mysterious stomach bug, candidates hope it will buy them some time.

  4. "Technical Difficulties": With remote interviews becoming more common, some candidates claim technical issues prevented them from connecting to the interview platform.

  5. "Prior Commitment": A last-minute commitment or a surprise appointment that suddenly popped up can be a convenient excuse to cancel or reschedule.

  6. "Car Trouble": Blaming a non-cooperative car, whether it's a flat tire or an engine malfunction, is a classic way to explain your absence.

  7. "Lost Phone": Candidates may claim to have lost their phone, making it impossible for the employer to reach them for the interview.

  8. "Power Outage": Some candidates assert that a power outage in their area disrupted their interview preparations, rendering them unprepared.

  9. "Internet Issues": Similar to technical difficulties, candidates may blame internet problems for their inability to attend a virtual interview.

  10. "Miscommunication": This excuse involves pretending that there was a misunderstanding about the interview date or time, leaving the candidate unable to attend.

While these excuses may work occasionally, it's important to remember that honesty is the best policy when it comes to job interviews. Employers appreciate candour and professionalism. Using these excuses not only jeopardizes your chances with that job but also damages your reputation in the job market.

In the end, it's advisable to prepare thoroughly for interviews, manage your time effectively, and communicate honestly with potential employers. Job interviews are opportunities to showcase your skills and experiences, so it's in your best interest to approach them with confidence and transparency.


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